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I've seen thread after thread about how new nurses can't find jobs right now. Since I'm "planning" getting into a nursing program next year I was curious. Does anyone see a turnaround in the job market within the next 3-5 years?


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me too, but im still confused because of the same issue { job market}, specially every body want do nursing

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The past nursing shortage/surplus cycles have varied in length, so it is a guessing game to predict when the jobs will open up. It may take the economy 3-5 years to recover, but if other events that cause an increased demand for nurses occurs, than there will be a demand for nurses sooner. One things for sure, there will be a nursing shortage again at some point in the future.




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A lot depends on where you live. I am in upstate NY and over half the students in my nursing class (May 09) were hired where we did clinicals (everyone that applied except one actually). There are 3 other hospitals within 30 miles of here that are willing to hire new grads, too. One hospital is desperate for nurses but the closer facility is hiring so most of us are going there. We are a more "rural" area, but I know some larger areas hire new grads, too (like Syracuse).

Check with your local hospitals about if they have new graduate positions regularly. Ask graduate nurses in your area if they had problems finding employeent. Do a little research now. Everything can change before you graduate but you can at least see if your area is one where you will encounter potential problems finding employment. I feel for those that are having problems but it is not happening everywhere. You just hear more from those having problems.

Good luck!!!

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