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Nursing in Italy.


Hello, I'm currently working my way through college and planning to go down the Nursing route and get the BSN in nursing. My Fiance lives in Italy and has been pushing me to come there. I still haven't decided and I was hoping for a little help. I know it will take a couple of year's before I get my BSN, but I wanted to know is it possible to get a job there with the way things are right now. I currently live in the U.S, my Italian isn't perfect but its something I am working on. I know that I will have to be fluent to take the nursing Exams.

My goal is to become a pediatrician. Can anyone give me information on how to go about

becoming a nurse in Italy. I also know that the pay isn't as well as it is here in U.S. Is it possible to still get by with how expensive it is there?