They May Possibly Take Away Overtime Pay

  1. Please everyone take a minute and read the attached article and click a letter to your senator, it takes very little time! You can write your own letter, edit the one already provided, or add your name to the bottom of the letter, doesn't matter just as long as you send it. Congress is possibly going to get away with this, taking away overtime pay for nurses.

    This is from the AACN...
    Action Alert: Use Your Voice to Block Overtime Pay Exclusion
    Congressional attempts to block U.S. Department of Labor regulations that
    would deny overtime pay for millions of American workers, including nurses,
    failed when the Senate gave final approval to an omnibus appropriations
    bill (HR 2673). AACN will continue to work with other nursing
    organizations and members of Congress to contest these regulations and
    support workers' rights to overtime pay. You can help by contacting your
    congressional representatives and President Bush to express your
    disappointment that the proposed overtime regulations remained and how
    important overtime pay is to you. Go to
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