The Twilight of Usefulness.

  1. I have a colleague who recently retired from
    an administrative position in an Acute Care
    Faciltiy. "Early" retirement, I believed, it was called. She did so as an avenue to seek other challenges exterior to the Health
    Care area. She was 55 years of age , at the time. She is now 58 years of age and has
    decided to seek re-entrance , on a part-time basis or contractural basis, to the Health
    Care Arena . She has placed a plethora of
    resumes throughout the Health Education and
    Health Services domains and has had a significant number of interviews.. all to no
    avail. My colleague and I have had many
    hours of reflective discussion pertaining to
    the outcome of her endeavours for re-entry to the Health Care Sector. We have not defined
    any other parameter that could reasonably be
    pivotal contributing or causative factors for the outcomes of her deliberations other than
    the "age factor". How discouraging, yet how
    double standard the reality. Here she is
    faced with the probability of age discrimination and being imprisoned by
    "double jeporady" (active response to the former ensuring the reality of the latter)resulting in a definitve no re-entry outcome. Did she reach that
    age of "Twilight of Usefulness" when she accepted early re-tirement? I don't know,but
    it sure appears so. How effective are those who remain in the system and who are at one and the same time 55 and beyond. Surely they would not adjudicate themselves as ineffective or "Twilight" candidates.. would they? And , if not, why adjudicate a 55 years of age re-tireee as such? Interesting question , I would say.

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