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  1. [font=courier new]20 years ago the community spanish nurses were making ourselves visible in the society, contributing with our vision of health care. the community health nursing association celebrates, this year, her tenth anniversary, and does it like always: basing taken care in the community.
    the motto of our 5 congress, " the measure of the care ", goes in progression with the line of our evolution nurse. the care is the fundamental axis of our profession, and as such it has been an agreement, from all outlooks, in our previous congresses.
    - to discuss the measurement of nursing care in the field where the community nurse develops her work, famly, individual person and community
    - to analyse and to promote the use of valid instruments for clinical practise that allows measure of care.
    - to go more deeply into the use of investigation in the field of community nursing, in the actuality.
    the congress's sessions will be broadcasted live on the web site
    more information: [font=courier new][font=courier new]
    5 congres national society community nursing
    "the measure of the care"
    28-30th october 2004
    archena's health resort (murcia)
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