New Nurse....HELP - page 2

Hi I am a new grad, I passed my boards in July and work in a small community hospital. I don't even really know what to say besides, I feel like nursing school was just the beginning of a long... Read More

  1. by   Diane-Rosella
    Hi, I am in my second year of a Bachelor of Nursing Degree. I can say to you Gina, even though I am not yet where you are, that just give it some more time, and all will fall into place. It's like driving a first you have to think about starting it, putting it into gear, and then using the clutch and accelerator. You know what I mean. Eventually, you dont have to think too hard about it, most of it comes naturally. And so it will become with nursing. You wont have to think about everything you do, fortunately, for that will take up precious time, but it will also mean that you WILL have time for those things you will NEED to think about. So, hang in there, it will come together. All nurses have been where you, and if they had any compassion at all they will support you as much as you need.

  2. by   ninaldunn
    When I started on a busy surgical floor I worked 3-11:30 and got out around 2AM every time. Even after my extended orientation was finished I got out average of 0130. Then one day a co-worker who had been on the floor for 5 years was still there when I was done. I was so stunned. I though for sure I must have forgotten to do something. Then 1 week later another girl got stuck later then me. Then the other nurses told me I totally had the orientation from hell that I was given the 4 hardest patients they could find, instead on giving me a normal assignment with 1 hard 2 medium a 1 easy. The experienced nurses told me they would've been there even longer if they had my assignements. My assignments started to let up and get normal when other girls were at the end of their orientation.

    Eventually I learned that we all ask each other questions and bounce off one another. Anyone with any experience can get out on time or be stuck until 0200.

    By the way we have a new charting system that everyone gripes about but everyone seems to be done by 0015. - even the late girl.