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  1. I am coordinating an effort to determine the value of bringing back monitor technicians for a 48 bed step-down department. Our organization eliminated that job when we went to cardiopagers. However, we have identified an issue w/ response to those pagers. Preliminary anecdotal information indicates that those who have eliminated these positions have brought them back because there is no one to track trends and staff get conditioned to shutting the pagers off w/o looking at the rhythm. However, I need some hard and fast facts that support this. Does anyone have any leads/ideas/suggestions?

    Thank you for your time. J
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  3. by   Cyberdoula
    Man that seems RISKY!!! I worked on a PCCU floor where we pulled sheaths and had pts. with heart conditions as a MT. One of the biggest fears I had was pts. "vagaling" down. We had one pt. one night who for no reason vagaled, no sheath, wasn't in the bathroom, just did it. I hollered at the nurse who got in there in time for his HR to be at 15 BPM. This wasn't 15 seconds after I screamed for her. We was able to push atropine in time. Machines can make mistakes, just as we can, however utilize both. How about the people that go into 3rd about the slow changes? If we had a pt. that did anything out of their norm, we would notify their nurse for them to be checked on. Golly cover your butt...ya know what I mean? Hope this helps!