How wrong can be right?

  1. Hi all nurses

    Please join discussion and help me to understand how wrong can be right.
    Nursing home employed new manager, on her few shifts when she was nurse on duty she administered medication but not signed for them, not administered and not signed for them (this including antibiotics), signed as 'refused' but left medication in the blister packs (this home is dementia home, medication should be physically offered, I think).
    I reported my concerns to directors and was told this is fine and PCT and CQC aware of this.
    Next day I was asked by manager to give pain relief medication from medication trolley to one of the staff. I had twice to repeat - no.
    Stock of medication was transferred by manager from lockable cupboard to unlock-able. When I raised the issue, lock appeared on the treatment room door and nurse in charge was only one key holder. This would be fine but we had fire exit through the treatment room, so fire exit become unavailable unless nurse in charge would be around.
    After being off a week, I came back and found that lunch time medication weren't given to the patients for a week, including Metformin for diabetic patient.
    However I am wrong now because I raised issues. Please help me to understand what I am missing there because I just don't get it.

    Many thanks
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