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  1. Hi everyone,

    I am part of a engineering design class at my university and our senior project is unofficially called a "hand sanitation monitor". We want to design a device / solution to help nurses and doctors keep track of how often they wash their hands or use hand sanitizer to keep patients (and HCWs) healthier.

    Right now we are trying to gather as much customer information as possible about what you would or would not want in a product. Any opinion: in favor of or opposed as well as indifference is welcomed. Some products currently on the market that you might have heard of use a small sensor that is worn by the clinician to activate a sensor near a soap or alcohol dispenser; nothing really conspicuous or annoying.

    If you have a minute (and I hope you do since it is for a school project) please fill out our online survey It's about 10 questions and we don't collect any personal information- we just ask that you state your occupation and what area of medicine you work in in the first question.

    Thank you so much!
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    Sorry.. I did the link wrong. Here is the link
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    not sure how this would work at all. If there are three staff members going into a room and two use the products frequently, how do you know which two it is? How do you know it was not family and friends using it? The worse offenders are MD's in our hospital. How do you specifiy who is actually using the products?
  5. by   lklo
    That is a valid point. We also found that MDs have the lowest compliance rates. Even if visitors are using the products we assume that they are not entering other rooms or touching the patient as much as a healthcare professional.

    How I believe the system works (the one that I described) is that there is a small ID sensor that is worn by a nurse or doctor (etc) with their own unique code. When they use a soap or sanitizer dispenser there is a receiving sensor in the dispenser that records that employees specific ID via radio frequency, it might flash a green light so the health care worker knows that they were recorded, which is then stored in a database. Some systems go even further by having a monitor on or near the bed of the patient which might flash a green light if the HCW is "OK" to approach. It's not a perfect system and it won't completely fix the problem but most hospitals that have tried it have seen positive results.