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Hi! My name is Donna. I am an R.N. and currently I work as an agency nurse. Because of the shortages EVERYWHERE I have been lucky enough to pretty much choose my hours, floors, days and... Read More

  1. by   SLREGIER
    I have been a Regular staff nurse, Agency nurse and Traveler. Most places are just glad to have "the body" but other places like to "use and abuse." thank goodness we have the choice of going back or finding a new place. It helps when the staff is friendly and answers questions for the "new" nurse. If anyone says "you make the big bucks" I always remind them that as a "staff" nurse, I would have a normal routine and that I appreciate nurses that can work at the same place in the same job and that the hospitals need these nurses, BUT I can't do that and need a variety to keep me from "burn out".
    And for the MALE nurse, don't feel bad!!! You may not be able to do OB/G YN, but you could do Peds or NICU. And they are higher paying!!