Nursing Interview


:wink2: Hello,

One of my assignments at my University is to conduct a interiew with a Professional in my field of interest. Although I will be graduating with a BA in different field next winter, I am currently researching schools for the Direct Entry Mastors Prg. and Accelereated BSN.

Iam having a hard time trying to locate a nurse to interview. ( Its been three weeks since I've moved to this new city) .

If any of you guys can answer any of the questions you would be saving my butt!



1) What is your degree and from what school?

2) Main reasons for going into nursing

3) how intense was the Nursing school?

4) How was your first year as a nurse?

5) What are th average work hrs for a nurse?

6) Physcially pain/ emotional distress from work?

7) How are the clincals at nursing school?

8) Do you want to futher your nursing education?

9) What is the most coolest part of being a nurse?

10) What is the dreadful part of being a nurse

11) Would u recommend the nursing field?

12) What is the most desired speciality in nursing?

13) How many specialties for nursing are there?

14) anything else you would want to include in ainterview...

thank you!

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