Nursing Instructor Forms for students during clinical rotations

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Hello! I am a RN and recently took an instructor position for the practical nursing program. We don't really have any good tools and forms to use for our clinical rotations for the students to complete with the information they gather on their patients. Currently, I take students to a nursing home for their Med/Surg rotation and then I teach the pediatric and maternal/child rotation. I am trying to find good assessment forms for the students to complete as part of their clinical assignment that are easy to read and use, but ask for pertinent information. I do like hospitals and facilities using an EMR system, but it's not really something the students can print off and turn into their instructors to show what they do and don't understand. If anyone has any information or examples they can share, I would greatly appreciate it. I am hoping to find an assessment form or clinical packet for an adult, pediatric, newborn and postpartum patient. Thanks in advance and any other helpful forms that you think are good, send them my way. :happy:

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