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  1. I would appreciate hearing from anyone who has knowledge of Physician Access Software (esp NEON). Our institution is in the beginning phase of implementing this software and any info would be helpful.


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  3. by   SuperRN
    Have you heard of the WebMD Physician Access software. Apparently they are getting to be popular in the US.
  4. by   PDilley
    Yes, I have heard of WebMD and as a matter of fact the NEON software is also browser based so that physician's (and/or their staff) have access to Web information (i.e MEDEX) as well as hospital HIS info (pt demographics, lab & radiology results, inpt census info etc). Our IS dept is in the process of meeting with Physician's and their staff to determine what information is going to be the most useful to them and I was hoping the nsg bb would provide info from staff who are currently using this product. Thanks for your input

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