nursing informatics

  1. I would like some information on this new and
    growing field. Also is a masters degree required to persue a career in this area of specialty.
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  3. by   jan
    It is not a necessity to have an advanced degree to begin practice in Nursing Informatics, I began as a diploma prepared RN with a variety of experiences in direct patient care and management experiences. I have since graduated with a BSN and have plans to go on for advanced education in the field. It is very helpful to have at least a basic knowledge and comfort with computing technology.
    My personal thought is that the key to success in this field is to have a keen awareness of the disparity of the 'language' between healthcare and non-healthcare based professionals because a great deal of work that is done within the field is related to providing a liason-link-translation between practitioners.

    This is a good website that may answer some of your questions about informatics and provides some additional links to informatics organizations.
  4. by   johnboy
    I went to a nursing informatics conference once, and found myself more confused as to what constituted nursing informatics. My impression of nursing informatics in one more akin to risk management and the keeping of stastistics for that. I would hope there would be more interesting areas to involve oneself.
  5. by   radnur
    I have considered getting a Masters in information resource management but then realized that I would not have any experience to offer. My next plan is to get
    another BS degree in Computer and information technology hoping to compliment my BSN degree. Nursing informatic programs are very competitive to get into and also, I
    do not want to limit myself to just nursing, as in a Masters in Nursing Administration oppose to health or public administration.

    Nursing informatics to me is using your knowledge of nursing or healthcare and
    work along with computer programmer in developing tools that will better enhance
    nursing, the organization and make patient care more efficient.
  6. by   Aeagl
    I just took a three month computer programming course in Visual Basic, Oracle, Powerbuilder and HTML. I've been in nursing for 20 years. I'm wondering what type of jobs are available in nursing informatics? - I live near Boston, MA. Do any of you have a job in this field? What is it called? And where do you practice? In a hospital or ...?
  7. by   radnur
    I do not work in the field of computers, yet.
    It is difficult to get a job with a computer
    firm without experience in computers or MIS.
    I have been looking for jobs nationwide. The salaries are excellent but experience is required. The jobs that I have
    seen were posted on the monster board. I wish you luck. If the computer coarses work for you in starting a new career. please email me at and let me know. you could save me lots of money in tuition cost.
  8. by   Jellea
    Has anyone joined the AMIA (American Medical Informatics Association)? I was checking out their web site. They have a lot of information on this specialty. Nurses can belong to this association. They have a job site, education, etc.
    We have four Informatics nurses at our hospital. We just installed SMS throughout the hospital. Titles are usually Nursing Informatics Coordinator or Liason. Salaries aren't that great here in the south-42,000 a year. They didn't have much reference when they set up the positions 5 years ago. Anyone know what other Informatic nurses are making through out the nation?

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  9. by   radnur
    thank you for the information
  10. by   Lori Maiolo
    Needed guidelines and protocols for the clinical interactions, involving informatics, are slowly being developed and incorporated into nursing curriculums. Technology has moved faster than our ability to effectively manage it. The Telemedicine Center at East Carolina University offers a one-week course in using telemedicine technology as a tool to enhance the scope of healthcare delivery. The course is broken down into 5 tracks: Executive Summary, Administrative, Technical, Clinical, and Tele-homecare.
    For more information...
  11. by   cpenquin1
    Hello all, i am interested in just what exactly a person in nursing informatics does..I know what I want to do as far as nursing goes, just am having a hard time finding a title and/or position. I want to get out of bed-side nursing, into something that involved research (online preferably), chart audits/reviews. I have come to find myself with little patience for people, and want to do my thing with little to no interruptions from others. I am a great self-starter, and able to motivate as long as I am left alone. Yes, I know I just described one of the S/S of nursing burnout, the lack of tolerance for others. *S* if anyone has any information or suggestions to my dilema, please email me privately.

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