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  1. Hi everyone,

    I am hoping to gather some insight into the world of nursing informatics and this seems like the ideal place to do so! I am in Canada and am looking at the double masters program in Health Informatics and Nursing (you end with two masters). I have my BSN and have been working at the bedside for a few years and am trying to find a place where I am happy in my work, health informatics peaked my interest! I have a few questions and I very much appreciate any advice/insight anyone can offer!

    -Can anyone describe the kind of job prospects available to nurse informatics grads? All the websites are very vague and the information session I attended at the university said they have a 100% hire rate but weren't really able to describe in what positions.
    -Any recommendations on how to make myself the best applicant I can be? I have started to teach myself Java and am taking an entry level programming course come January that focuses on Python. I use the electronic charting at work and am trying to find ways to work in a more in-depth role there.
    -Can anyone tell me what in the world a super user means?!

    Any other information you think would be useful is always appreciated!!! Thanks!
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  3. by   Matthew RN
    I would try to find informatics jobs at the hospital, health systems etc near you.

    A super user is someone with advanced training on a program or process. For example, with your electronic charting you might have a "super user" on the floor who has another day or so of training, and would be the go-to person for questions or issues. They would be trained on how to chart rare findings or things like that.