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    I'm looking for some helpful advice for developing a plan of attack. I'm a new grad BSN nurse, who also has a BS in information technology. Unfortunately, I don't actually have any IT job experience or experience working as an RN. My prior work experience has all been in the military. (12 years in various healthcare administration roles and working as a medic in Navy hospital emergency rooms and small clinics)

    I'm wondering, based on my experience and education, what are my chances of finding a nursing informatics position. Clearly, without specific nursing and IT experience, there will be challenges, but at 45 years old, I don't have time for taking the slow road.

    Right after I finished nursing school, I did work in an ER for about 10 weeks. I resigned after deciding I'd be much happier doing a desk job or something that involved more thinking and less sprinting. Maybe it's just my perception, but I felt like working as a nurse in the ER was like working 12 hours in a Nascar pitcrew.

    I'd appreciate any good advice or thoughts anyone may have regarding which critical components are missing from my resume and the quickest way to meet the requirements I'll need to have a reasonably good chance of securing a position in nursing informatics.
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  3. by   InformaticsRN.MA
    Considering your past military experience, have you looked at any VA jobs? I would think you would have a great advantage there - especially if you are willing to relocate. Feel free to send me a message if you'd like me to give you feedback on your resume.
    Are working right now?
    If you only have 10 weeks of actual nursing experience, I would suggest you get a position at the bedside (either inpatient or oupatient, whatever you enjoy more) and work at least 20 hours a week - potential employers will likely want you to have more than 2 months of clinical experience. But be cautious about what you accept - you don't want to start a trend of accepting jobs and then quitting right away.
  4. by   joiseygirl
    hi docomo -- i just wanted to say that my 8 weeks or so in the ER have left me with the very same impression! i'm also a 2nd career new grad nurse and now i'm looking to make the switch to informatics sooner than later. i have no real advice to offer but i wish you lots of luck and a speedy entry into the field.