EHR and Nurses

  1. I found an article in Health Data Management, April 30, 2012, about successful EHR rollout tips. The following tip was really encouraging.

    " Focus on nurses. When you hear about EHR implementations, a lot of attention goes to how you make it appeal to doctors, but once all your systems are automated, you realize that the nurses are the ones who interact with it on a daily basis, far more than doctors do. A lot of the success or failure of an implementation revolves around accommodating nurses' needs and their workflow. When we did CPOE and nursing documentation, we got a lot of great feedback from the nurses before the doctors had to interact with the system, and when they did, the system was more stable and responsive and better set up. Also the nurses were able to give a lot of assistance to the doctors."

    Here's the link to the article:
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