Best nursing informatics program

  1. Hi everyone just wondering which is the best online nursing informatics program?
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  3. by   InformaticsRN.MA
    I graduated from UC Denver with a master's degree last year - I can answer any questions you might have about that program.
  4. by   RN315
    Can you please tell me how long it took you? How many credits was it and were there any clinicals?
  5. by   InformaticsRN.MA
    2 years online, full-time. At the end I did a 270 hour practicum (I could have done 135 hours but wanted more time to fully develop a project). It was 100% online but I did choose to travel to Colorado for my comp exam, where I had to give a 1 hour presentation about my project (and also submitted a 40 page paper).
    You can look up the numbe rof credits and other info at their website:
    Master's | CU College of Nursing | University of Colorado Denver
    Good luck!
  6. by   catmiller
    I am looking at Univ of Colorado Denver among other schools (UW CIPCT). What made you decide a program that offered a MSN with an Informatics emphasis over a MS in Informatics? Now that you have graduated and worked in the field for awhile, how to you view your choice? I am reluctant to go 100% into Informatics and feel there is value in terms of career change if I get my Master's in Nursing with a specialty in Informatics. Any advice you have is really appreciated!