Am I really in Nursing Informatics??

  1. I'm in the training department for a large clinic with over 300 providers. My job title is EHR Trainer and Development Specialist II. I just started this position last week, and was just handed the job description. They knew I was a RN and had said they always wanted someone on the training team with clinical experience. The job description states the education requirements include highschool/GED, and 5 years experience in a medical clinic. And I am the only RN on the team. I applied and interviewed for a major cancer hospital but did not get the job because of lack of experience. I was confident that this jump would be the perfect stepping stone in Nursing Informatics, but I second guess myself because this job did not require a RN license (again, I'm the only one that has a RN license). Did I make a mistake accepting this position or am I more on track then I thought to excel and grow within Nursing Informatics?
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  3. by   viealle
    I would say you definitely are on track, as in Health Informatics or Nursing Informatics, a sect of this niche focuses on EHRs. The field is still very convoluted in regards to how to continue moving through your career. How you get to where you want to be will most likely not be how others in similar situations get there. GL!