Uniquely Filipino!! A must read to all Pinoys - page 4

UNIQUELY FILIPINO The following is from a British journalist stationed in the Philippines. His observations are so hilarious!!!! This was written in 1999. Matter of Taste by Matthew... Read More

  1. by   choco_overload
    Quote from vanniella_skye
    guys, specially cruiseship rn, with due respect, just asking... does the article you posted is the same one that came out in bob ong's book "bakit baliktad magbasa ng libro ang mga filipino?" a couple of years ago? there's no problem if it is, i just happen to own that book. bob ong compiled many other articles from his old website and put it to print. it talks about how other people, filipinos or non-filipinos, observe and make their own opinions about our being a filipino. and its kinda funny and at the same time
    irritating to know how the other nations think of our customs, traditions, beliefs, etc... but thanks for posting anyway! \m/
    where do you think can i find one.. i think that's one cool book.. ehehhe!! would want to send one to my sister there in vegas.. thanks!!:smilecoffeecup:
  2. by   vanniella_skye
    it can be bought at national bookstore and other bookstores as well... it costs like 200.00 i think. well mine was a gift from my little sister, actually we own the entire selection of his book, coz he's really a funny guy... & his books are quite not that expensive, 'student price' as you may say. well why not try ang paboritong libro ni hudas"...
  3. by   choco_overload
    thanks.. will check it next time i pass by a bookstore...
  4. by   3kidschr07
    That's great,It makes us truly pinoy & no comparable to anybody!!
    thats what makes us more unique.where did you got it anyway,newspaper??
  5. by   puppytidge
    well that only shows how unique our heritage could be...perhaps the reason why we are dubbed stupid sometimes is because foreigners don't fully understand how it is to live like a filipino unless they immerse themselves with them...so next time they call us ignorant i might say they should look aroun and ask who was that nurse caring for me?
  6. by   kutitap
    yup! LUGOD!