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Just for fun, what are your NLE scores in each of the 5 parts and how many times did you take the exam before you passed it? :yeah:... Read More

  1. by   sassychevz
    Quote from missrn26
    hello! i ask my friend, he said prc will ask you to sign a waiver, before retaking the exam. so if you failed the next its on you. he was june 2006 passer and retook the exam june 2007. luckily he passed again. he waived the first exam.
    hi there! june 2006 passers are allowed to take the exam twice due to the controversy. you have to sign a waiver if you want to retake the exam if you are eyeing an application for usa.
  2. by   sassychevz
    PNLE July 2011 passer here and took it once, mine is 82-83-84-83-83 = GPA of 83%. I was awake for 24 hours on the first day of examination.My advice is get plenty of sleep.
  3. by   izzagee
    80, 81, 83, 85, 80 = 81.8%

    its good enough but i really wish i did better on np 1 and 5
  4. by   Regie81
    belated posting--I got a score of 81.2% average. I took my exam June of 2005. I was a bit peeved that there was no posting of topnotchers during my time. But hey, all water under the bridge now. Though if memory serves me right, the highest during my time was 82.8%.
  5. by   rnish
    83.60 december 2010 first taker.
    does anybody know how to check/ get your board ranking? hehe.. just curious sll :redpinkhe
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  6. by   aiashtia
    Quote from juliusc
    Nice score.. I also took the exam last July, and I got 84.8.. how were you able to find out your rank?

    There's a 0.2 interval of the scores so if the top 10 placer got 85.80%. Top 11 is 85.60%. Top 12 85.40% and so on
  7. by   hotchickMAC
    78.6% June 2006 NLE... (Leakage issue) anyway... retook exam June 2007... passed again... =)
  8. by   skydaren
    June 2012 NLE 86-81-84-80-85 83.2%
  9. by   lalaineA
    Hi my co filipinos. I just have a quick question regarding renewing of license. Im here at Delaware right now working as a cna while trying to get my license done and my license will gonna expired on july next year and i dont know if i can get vacation by nextyear. So my question is can one of my relatives inthe philippines renew my license by nextyear? Hope to hear some answers from you guys.
  10. by   teeyara
    June 2012: 85, 79, 81, 83, 83= 82.2% I am very satisfied with my rating. It was more that i could ever ask for! It is really overwhelming to know that I almost made it to top 10. To God be the glory!

    Quote from skydaren
    June 2012 NLE 86-81-84-80-85 83.2%
    Cheers! Very good rating! Congrats, colleague )
  11. by   piggy14
    December 201182 86 86 80 82 = 83.20%
  12. by   PiRN
    June 2009 85.40%