PhilHealth Cares

  1. Did anyone try to apply to this program??
    I just had my application last February 14, and now I really want to know if I pass.
    Does anyone know how?

    Thanks in advance!
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  3. by   caisaki
    They did say that they will be sending an email regarding the result of the application you sent. Considering the 20,000+ applicants, I doubt it will be anytime soon.
  4. by   princess choi
    Oh my! Cannot do anything but wait. Geez.
  5. by   simplydonna
    I sent an email last Feb 5. Will that be included? I did not know that I should send it on Feb 14 .
  6. by   princess choi
    Have you completed their online application and got a contol/ applicant number?
  7. by   fzaq00
    applied at the regional office here in dagupan. still no news
  8. by   princess choi
    Called main office today, the HR personnel who received my call told me that they were still evaluating the applicants. They will give a call to those who will be chosen for exam and interview.

    We have to review guys! Questions from their short quiz were quiet tough, what more for their real exam.
  9. by   simplydonna
    @princess choi no, i just emailed them . There was no instructions before last feb 5. i just emailed them my resume.
  10. by   princess choi
    I received an email last feb 10, an automatic reply to my e-mail. It said that there will be an online application from feb 12-14. And it was on nursing website and blogs. Try to search for "PhilHealth CARES program" with yahoo or google.
  11. by   simplydonna
    Oh, it is already closed. I was not informed. too bad
  12. by   princess choi
    Try to exert extra effort next time. There's a lot of nurses in the Philippines striving hard to be employed.
  13. by   hyds_rn
    from 20k applicants, i'm just wondering how will they manage to choose the less than 600 qualified applicants ??? Goodluck...
  14. by   fzaq00
    any news guys? i'll be having an exam today