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Hi everyone! I've visited a particular thread with the list of requirements for application, however, I wish to know which hospitals are currently open to hire and absorb nurses. :specs:... Read More

  1. by   piepie0005
    @rncrn: When did you pass your application?
  2. by   johncfRN
    looks like my chances are slim to none... i took the exam on the 21st RNCRN took hers/his on the 24.. i was really hoping that this was it... im kind of dissapointed though. oh well thats life
  3. by   diuretics
    fingers crossed.. il wait until mid of oct.. keep the faith guys..
  4. by   valium_RN,RM
    Guys you are fortunate to make it to step one. Still there is a chance. Maybe you already made it, its just that they have not contacted you yet. I still wonder how did the CHMC make their pre-employment screening.

    Have not received any invitation to seat for the exam. I consider now my application as unsuccessful

    Good luck colleagues!
  5. by   piepie0005
    @RNCRN: Congrats! You must have gotten a really high score. How did you find the exam? Im still hoping and praying to be interviewed. Goodluck to us!
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  6. by   RNCRN
    i find the exam average,.. =>
    i missed a few numbers and really wasnt able to answer them..
    i even just guessed a few items.

    it doesnt feel any good for me reading comments of disappointment.
    heads up high dear rn's. im not sure how they had their list but they cant interview everyone on a single date..

    just open your lines. ill make sure ill update everybody after my interview tom and pray for me to nail the interview.


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  7. by   Cindy Lou Atabay
    do they still applicants for commonwealth hospital??
  8. by   diuretics
    how was ur interview rncrn?
  9. by   karmela
    are they still accepting applicants?chmc?is it for volunteer nurses or as staff nurse?thanks!
  10. by   Mohcel
    @diuretics have CHMC contacted you?
  11. by   annz16
    Dont lose hope. They said they will open by January, not December. 3 months is a long time and a lot of things can happen. Just continue praying and hoping for the best. Best things comes to those who really wait.
  12. by   piepie0005
    I wonder when are they going to start training/orienting nurses...
  13. by   callenRN1507
    Anyone tried Medicall? I heard they are looking for nurses...