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    I'm a nurse who is working in the UK at the moment, but planning to head back home to Vancouver Canada. Does anyone know if work is easy to find there.

    There is a major nursing shortage in the uk at the moment and I left Australia 1 year ago and it was getting bad their as well.

    Thanks for the info
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  3. by   Moonstone Mist
    Hi Derek...can't speak for BC, but I know nurses could get work more easily in Ontario now then they have been able to in the past ten years. And as I understand it, there will be more money in the federal and provincial budgets for nursing in the next year or so. So come on home, we need good nurses in Canada
  4. by   JenP
    I'm a Canadian Nurse currently working in the USA, I have heard about all the Nursing jobs opening up back home (Ontario) however all my friends there are working 2 and 3 casual PRN jobs at the same time because the full time openings are still not there. If you're looking for full time work I think it's still going to be awhile. Good Luck! Jen P
  5. by   jenn p
    It has been quite the week in Ontario for
    nursing jobs. Supposedly the gov.'t will
    be re-investing millions of dollars back into
    nursing positions. Needless to say we are still being cautios about becoming excited yet. History has shown that it can be taken away as quickly as it is put in.
    Personally I am aware of hospitals that are hiring. However, working conditions are poor. We still have unsettled pay-equity issues here and there is no job security once so ever. I agree that most RNs are having to work 2 & 3 jobs as casual/part-time just to get any substantial hours.