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Hi, I'm a RN student in Ontario and I'm super confused. Whenever I come on here and other nursing forums it seems there are no RN jobs in Ontario and that new grads aren't able to find their first... Read More

  1. by   WildOne
    I'm a new Rpn and was hired through Hfo my offer letter states I will work for a min of 3 months at the facility with a preceptor then be apart of a permanent full time team. It is at a hospital in Ontario I guess I was one of the lucky ones! My pre grad was at a nursing home and they hired me on casual at my request to not have temp part timeI think the guarantee does work but it's an employers market. When I was on the website applying for jobs there would be 3-4 listings each business day but they were scattered around Ontario some in my bavkyard and others on the other side of the province
  2. by   PanToronto
    HI Joanna73,
    I am your fan. I have read what you posted. I do feel your perspective and advice. I need you to help me think, plz. I am a new grad RN. right of the school, I got an offer to work in a hospital under new grad guarantee program, but unfortunately, I just only attended orientation and my temporary RN license got provoked as my first-time CRNE failure. THen, I got terminated from that hospital. I studied so hard and passed CRNE for the second time. I tried to contact my unit manager and she said the position was longer available for me, and I need to gain more experience in order to return to the unit where I was offered. NOw, I am out of new grad. guarantee as they give only one match (employer) per student. it is so hard already to have new grad. guarantee to get into work. Now, I am depressed. I have no new grad. guarantee and no RN experience. I have look any places in ontario and willing to relocate, but nothing come up yet. WHAT SHOULD I DO? it is my 4 year study with a good standing GPA become nothing? PLEASE HELP!
  3. by   joanna73
    Hi PanToronto. First, congrats on passing the CRNE. Losing that job is only a minor setback. If you plan to stay in ON, then you must make your job search a full time endeavour. Send out resumes to any position you possibly can, even LTC. You need to get experience somewhere. If you are open to relocating across Canada, then start applying in other Provinces. The sooner you start work, the better. Good luck!
  4. by   PanToronto
    Hi Joanna,
    Now i landed a casual work in a clinic in downtown Toronto. However, I started applying some opening position in AB. I got a phone interview for a new grad. position but I could not make the cut as I don't have CARNA license in hand as they require it before Jan 14. Now, I am willing to move to anywhere in Canada even in the very very small town. As long as there is a place that I can learn and grow to be a good nurse. it is so hard and sometime very discourage to be a new grad. nurse with jobless..(
  5. by   joanna73
    Hello. CARNA takes approximately 6 weeks at minimum to process your license. However, if the employer was willing to hire you, CARNA may have been able to issue a temporary license sooner. If you are an IEN though, that's another matter. Just keep applying. If you don't mind relocating to a small town, there are many small towns across ON that would probably be willing to hire a new grad.