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I am one of those BC nurses that has put in my resignation and am going to the US. I can not stand anymore of the bulling patriarchial schmuckie patronizing behavior of some of these ... Read More

  1. by   JMP
    Just a reminder- yes- the call of the US- based salaries seems strong- but remember- you pay rent-food-ect in US funds.
    Also remember that it is a DIFFERENT society...I know we are Americanized to a great extent by the media ........but we are very different places.
    I flew to Arizona and was interviewed by a hospital for a great job. I stayed here (for now) in Ontario.
    I won't say I will not reconisider...........maybe I will end up going. Another thing to remember........when you see the high dollar amounts being offered...please please check out the location and make sure one of the reasons they are offering the big bucks is that you need an tank to get to work. The states is a violent place. Just something to think over before you go.

  2. by   Jenny P
    JMP, I have to defend us, your southern neighbors. Yes, there are areas in the US where it is dangerous to live and work; just as there are areas in Canada where there are trouble spots also. But to lump the whole US into the statement "The states is a dangerous place to work" is not only poor grammar, but wrong. And the states along your southern border are very much like you; I grew up 70 miles south of Canada and still have some of those Canadian words and pronunciations slipping out when I'm surpised. Many of the states along your southern border are just as different from each other as your provinces are, and also are just as similar. When I was young and single and working in both North Dakota and northern Minnesota, it was a blast to go to Winnepeg, or camping in Manitoba or Ontario and get away from it all; just as those Canadians had (and still have) fun coming down into the States and experiencing a slightly different culture without really feeling like you really left home. I work with a traveller from Thunder Bay, Ontario; she has worked in New Orleans, Texas, and several other places and says she feels like she's back home here in the Twin Cities. Her only complaint is the fact that she can't go home as often as she'd like to.
    I feel bad that so many of the BC nurses have been forced to turn in resignations in order to be heard collectively. And then to be jeered in the media like that one editorial did must really be frustrating. I'd be steaming mad and fighting mad at that columnist (who didn't even have the courage to write his/her name under it!) that ..... I don't know what I would do, but I'd think up something! I'd like those nurses to know they have my support and will be praying for them.
  3. by   JMP
    Jenny P

    How can you possibly, with a straight face, say that we are "just like the states". My God, what a statement. So much is different the health care system for example. Our gun laws are SO different and by many in the US we are considered a socialist country.
    We do NOT have the dealth penalty here........I know that some states don't.....but we do not as a country support the open and free ownership of guns, the dealth penalty, pay for service health care ( not yet anyway) and I could go on.....but won't.

    We should celebrate our differences. And acknowledge them. Summers and the occassional trip to Canada does not exactly put you the catagory as an expert on Canadian affairs. Make no mistake about it......we are different.

    That being said there are many good things about the US that I do admire. Too many to list here, but one example is the patriotic expressions I often see on this site and in the media. Most US citizens think they have the best country in the world- no matter if it is true or not.....the US citizens are great flag wavers. Many Canadians sit on their hands.

    Is Canada a safe place to live comparison to the US. Yes.
    Is Canada a better place to live? Depends......if you need health care and don't have insurance......YES. Then it beats the US hands down. If you are in business.........want a great place to make more money and have lower taxes.......then the US beats Canada hands down.

    FYI- the quote I was originally responded to was regarding a nurse who was quoting big bucks in Texas. And my point, bad grammer and all, was to point out that it IS A VERY different place- esp. Texas.........and some of the places that offer BIG bucks are right on or very close to the Mexican boarder and it IS A VERY violent place and as Canadian nurses we have been warned against going there. Now........ do you understand my point?

    Hope so.

  4. by   Jenny P
    JMP, I never said that Canada is "just like the states." Please go back and read carefully and you will see that is not a quote from me. I DID say that we are very much like you; that we are as different as we are alike; and that goes for the individual states along your southern border as it does for the individual provinces just to our north. Manitoba and Saskatchewan are more similar to North Dakota and Minnesota than they are to Newfoundland and British Columbia; and that is because of the geography of the continent more than anything else. The land also shapes the people who live there as much as the politics, cultures, religions, economics, and national views. As far as Canadians sitting on their hands and Americans being flag wavers, I have always been so impressed with how the Canadians sing out your national anthem at Twins and Blue Jays baseball games--- we don't do that nearly as well as you do.
    I never claimed to be an expert on Canada; just as you should not claim to be an expert on the US. I am sure that there are places along the US and Mexican border that are unsafe-- especially for illegal Hispanics. My brother-in-law (who is in law enforcement) has told me stories that made my hair stand on edge about some of the drug running and other crime fighting that he was involved in when he lived in Southern California 40 miles from the US/Mexican border. My sister knew nothing about that- unless he chose to tell her about it-and she was on the volunteer ambulance crew!
    My Uncle lives in San Diego, and when I visited him, we actually went into Mexico and never saw or heard any violence of any kind. Yes, Texas is on the Mexican border, but it's a big state and your statement that the whole state is a VERY violent place is ludicrus; it is as absurd as if I said that everyone living in British Columbia is an Eskimo and lives in igloos.
    I know there are big differences in our 2 countries, but we are very similar, too. There is no barb wire fences between our 2 countries for a reason: we see each other as friends.
    If you are law-abiding and alert while here in the US; there is very little chance you will be involved in violence. The way you seem to picture it, we must all be carrying guns and living lives like those in the movies. Believe it or not, 99.9% of us are just as peaceable as you say Canadians are; that last 0.1% gives the rest of us a bad reputation.