Top Ten Reasons to Work an Overtime Shift on the Weekend

  1. 10. Think of all the weight you'll lose from not getting to eat because of short staffing.

    9. Think of the closeness you'll develop with you're co-workers after being knee-deep in Code 10's, Code Blues and Code Browns.

    8. Everyone is so frazzled, so next to them you look fabulous!

    7. Think of what a challenge it will be to your nursing skills to run a Code without a Crash Cart because they are all down in Central Supply being replaced.

    6. The joy of having the previous shift's charge nurse tell you, "I don't understand why no one would return my calls to work today or tonight. Oh, and by the way, you have four nurses for this shift, and a full house of patients sick as dog dirt."

    5. Because you're a new grad and you want to be a "TEAM PLAYER" like your head nurse told you to be. (That and you have "sucker" stamped on your forehead!)

    4. When you go home with your back aching from not having any nursing assistants who work weekends and your feet aching from running your butt off for "emergency procedures" (like the gas pain your patient has had for a week that is suddenly unbearable), you'll know that you really ARE a caregiver.

    3. Think of all the computer skills you'll gain from putting in your own orders and ordering supplies from Central Supply. (That can go on your resume as...."Know how to operated multiple outdated computer equipment.")

    2. You don't have time to adequately chart so you may get to learn how our judicial system works. On the bright side, your handwriting will be so bad that it can say whatever you want it to say!

    1. Think of what a GREAT "Learning Experience" this will be. (Translation: You just got shafted!!)

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  3. by   lapappey
    You can gain new skills (housekeeping, unit secretary, patient transport).

    You can meet your co-worker's S.O.'s (at least talk to them when they answer the phone before they refuse to come in)

    You can turn on the Super Bowl/World Series/whatever in a Pt room (gives you something to watch while you bag the Pt waiting for the ventilator)

    You can get to know the one person from each ancillary service who is working that day ... really, really well.