The Talking Baby

  1. Maybe you've heard this before, but when one of our anesthesia docs told me, I fell in love with the story.

    A baby was born one day, with full vocal function. He was able to carry on a full discussion right off.
    As the cord was being cut, he looked up and said "are you my doctor?"
    The doc said yes, and the baby went on "I just would like to thank you for taking care of me, and doing a fine job during delivery."
    The child was given to the mother, the baby says "are you my mother?"
    She said yes.
    The baby said "thank you for eating right, and taking care of me for the last nine months."
    Looking at the man beside her, the baby asked, "are you my father?"
    He said yes.
    The baby motioned him to lean close, and prceeded to wack him repeatedly on the forehead with his fist.
    "There...that doesn't feel very good, does it???!!!!"

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