The Crying Old Man

  1. There is an old man, at least 80 years old, standing on the street corner, sobbing pitifully. The police pull up, and the two officers approach the man. "Sir?" one says "Can we help?"

    The old man replies "Officers, its terrible. I just got married last week to a 22 year old woman. She is an ex-playmate, she's gorgeous! She loves me for me. I know that, because I'm not a rich man. Sex is wonderful, whenever, where ever, and how ever I want it. She waits on me hand and foot! And cook! She's a trained French chef! She cooks wonderfully, whatever I ask for!"

    At this, one cop looks at the other, shrugs his shoulders, then looks back at the old man. "Sir," he says, "that all sounds pretty great. Whats the problem, why are you crying?"

    The old man sobs "I CAN'T REMEMBER WHERE I LIVE!!"

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