The big fat bald white man

  1. I was working on this alz unit whe this precious black ldy came up to be her name changed viola questioned me in a stern authorative voice wheres yours boss? I asked her why what was the matter and maybe I could help her she said I dont know if you can sally which is not my name by the way but to appease her so she wouldnt get agitated I said oakay let me see if I can find him well wouldnt know here he comes stuttin down the hallway scruitizing every room . This wonderful back lady yells Hey you Yeah you the big fat bald white man come here i want you to look at something she grabbed his hand and showed him her room and stared wheres the room withthe pool .Well thee wasnt and she was redirected and calmed by this big fat bald white man who was the most gentle and kind nurse i ever worked with the x navy corpman,was now known and loved,respected by all his staff as such Yep I never forget the big fat bald white man he was one of a kind ( of course we never called him that to his face ) but we all loved him 250 pound 5'8 male nurse x navy corpman he got our respect all 200 employees that were under his direction and guidence if needed .:spin::spin::spin:
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  3. by   callmekipling
    be a darling and throw some periods 'n commas in there too, k? lol

    One of my favorites from our alz units was a semi-famous thief and consequent author, who would come up with such great excuses to try to escape the unit.. Well one day he was a bus driver and there was a riot going on outside, and he had to go move his bus before people set it on fire.. Well our big fat bald white man was an old saw, korean war vet, who came out of retirement to work security out of sheer boredom So when we couldn't calm the guy down, we call him up and he comes up in his uniform and says to the guy, "Whose bus was that we just towed? Well you're in trouble but at least it's safe in the impound lot! Stay here til the riot's over!"

    Alz people can be really interesting, and (good) alz nurses are a real item too