Single Woman's Prayer

  1. Now I lay me down to sleep.
    Please don't send me no more creeps.
    Please just send me one good man.
    One without a wedding band.

    One good man who's sweet as pie.
    Who brushed his teeth and doesn't lie.
    Who dresses neat and doesn't smell.
    And is sexy like my man Denzel.
    Is super-rich like Michael J.
    On second thought, that's okay.

    Man, if I should die before I wake,
    that would truly take the cake;
    No matrimony or honeymoon.
    No fancy reception planned for June.
    No throwing of the wedding bouquet.

    Please, God, don't let me go out that way.
    If I die before I meet Mr. Right
    I won't go out without a fight.
    But then again with my luck,
    He'd probably be just some schmuck.

    The single life is not that bad
    I know it's just a passing fad.
    I won't be blue. I will not frown.
    Besides, I like my toilet seat down.

    No more makeup, won't comb my hair.
    So never mind this stupid prayer.
    The single life will do just fine.
    So what's up, girlfriend?
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  3. by   getbabygirl
    I had to print that one! Thanks for sharing!
  4. by   sbic56
    Originally posted by getbabygirl
    I had to print that one! Thanks for sharing!
    YW! I thought it was worth the cut and paste!
  5. by   Andy S.
    Loved it, story of my life!
  6. by   J-RN student
  7. by   rebel_red
    Printed this out and am seriously considering taping it to my best friend's forehead. (well I can't see it if it is taped to mine....) Bwahahahaha

    looking for tape..