Sending your loved one to LTC

  1. A son takes his father to the nursing home where he is to meet with the admisinstrator on admitting his father.
    "Now dad, you sit right here while I go meet with Mrs so and so, and I'll be right back," and with that the son walks away.
    His father starts to lean to the right, and a nurse walks by and props him back up, "Sir sit up straight or you'll fall out of that chair," she says and quickly walks away.
    He starts leaning to the left, and another nurse walks by and decides to put a pillow beside the man to help him sit up better.
    He then starts leaning forward and another nurse walks by and and pushes him back in the chair,"Now, mister we don't want you falling, you need to sit back or you're gonna slide right out of that chair."
    The son returns to take his dad home, and asks his dad what he thinks of the place so far, the dad replies, "Get me out of here, they won't even let a man fart in this place."
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