Rx for nurses: Vit G qd (G = Giggle)

    Old Fred's hospital bed is surrounded by well-wishers,
    but it doesn't look good. Suddenly, he motions frantically to the
    pastor for something to write on. The pastor lovingly hands him a pen and a piece of paper, and Fred uses his last bit of energy to scribble a note, then dies. The pastor thinks it best not to look at the note right away, so he places it in his jacket pocket.
    At Fred's funeral, as the pastor is finishing his eulogy, he
    realizes he's wearing the jacket he was wearing when Fred died. "Fred handed me a note just before he died," he says "I haven't looked at it, but knowing Fred, I'm sure there's a word of inspiration in it for us all."
    Opening the note, he reads aloud, "Help! You're standing on my oxygen tube!"
    :roll :roll
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