Pratical Joke

  1. This is a practical joke we pulled on a co-worker.. almost wet our pants laughing
    One night while working 11-7 we decided to pull a practical joke on Dan working in CCU... We got a new bedpan form the supply closet.. put a Baby Ruth candy bar in it... poured some apple juice over it and let it sit for a while until the edges got a little mushy.. we then took a baby wipe and poured some liquid Theragram on it and put it on top of the Baby Ruth bar... cover it with a blue pad and took it to CCU ... After a while Dan came over to our unit laughing... but the really funny part comes now... a few minutes later an LPN from ICU started to come down the hall and we decided to pull the prank on her... Dan took the bedpan into a patient's room close to the entrance to our unit... Just as the LPN came into the unit.. Dan walks out of the patient's room with the bedpan and said "Lisa, do you need a stool specimen from this patient?" The LPN looked up.... just as Dan took a bite out of the Baby Ruth bar.... The LPN had a look of sheer horror on her face thinking he was biting into a piece of stool... LMAO....
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