new medical terminology?

  1. My husband came home from work one day and with a very serious look on his face asked me what "defaced" meant. Now, this is a man who has a Bachelor's degree, so I thought he must be joking. I asked him in what context. He has a co-worker who, at the time, was 36 weeks pregnant. He also works with this co-worker's mother. The mother told him her daughter went to the doctor today and he told her she was 50 percent defaced wanted to know what that meant.

    After a good giggle, I explained the doctor probably said effaced. there's a different picture...
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  3. by   Lacey
    That's really cute! I remember my brother ( an engineer) called me to tell me that one of our realtives had been diagnosed with a very rare form of cancer, it was a women's cancer called,"Bavarian Cancer"!