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  1. I work at a small 20 bed hospital in a small town in South Dakota. About 2 months ago I was promoted to charge nurse and was feeling a little more confident in the ER. On the weekends the charge nurse takes care of the ER, and is in charge of the floor nurses.
    This particular weekend we had an out-of-town doctor or a Locum tenon as they are called was covering the ER for the other docs and we had a 14 year old boy come to the ER with a laceration to the forhead from the scope of his hunting rifle. Hunting season was opening the next weekend and he was practicing.
    Well, I prepared everything for the stitches he would need. As the doctor donned his sterile gloves and opened the local tray, I held the Lidocaine and needle for him to draw up. As I looked down at the tray I remember thinking,"where is the syringe?" I knew something was wrong when the doctor said,"I think this will be too small for this young man."
    I looked again at the tray and realized that the tray had been mislabeled and was actually a circumcision tray. Boy, was my face red but we did have a good laugh over it and the boy didn't know the difference. I left a great note for the CSR girls!!!!
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  3. by   KatWright
    This past weekend was unreal, so incredibly busy and we were full, were short a secretary, an RN and a assisstant.
    No bathroom breaks and lunch consisted of peanutbutter with your choice of saltines or graham crackers.
    I was in charge and secretary and had a patient getting chemo.
    It was a strange day all the way around........
    and then the morgue cart came for a patient in the room across from the nurses station............
    However, NO ONE had died!!!!!!!
    The poor nurse that had that patient went running into the room, thinking that no one had told her that her patient had died!!!
    It took a few minutes to redirect the transporter to the right floor, then we cracked up!!!
    It was probably just what we needed at the time (thank goodness the transporter never went into the room!!!)
    We were so glad when it was time to go home!!!