Magic Genie

  1. 3 physicians were at a medical conference in Hawaii, and were walking along the beach at the exclusive resort during a break. They found a interesting looking bottle with a cork, and picked it up, uncorking it. A Genie flew out.

    "There are usually 3 wishes for the person who finds the bottle", said the Genie, "but since there are three of you, I will give each of you one wish".

    The cardiologist said "I'll go first...I am already the smartest man I know, but I want to be 50% more brillant."

    Poof! The cardiologist looked surprised and said "Wow, I just thought of a new way to manage congestive heart failure! I have to go write this up!" and he left for the hotel.

    The urologist said "I am the best man in my field, but I would like to be 75% more brillant than I am now".

    Poof! The urologist said "Wonderful, I just thought of a new treatment for impotence...I am going to be really rich, but I better patent it now" and he left the beach.

    The neurosurgeon said "Well, now that those two morons are gone, I have to think about this. I am already so brillant I can hardly bear to talk to anyone else because I get so bored, but I still would like to be 100% more brillant".

    Poof! The Genie said, "Now you are a nurse!!"
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