Job we get compassion..??

  1. I recieved a back injury on the job, by a psychotic patient! Initially they told me the pain.."was all in my pretty little head." Six months later an MRI confirmed a hairline fracture of my scapula and a dislocated clavicle. How much time did I miss for this injury? I had two days off! I went on modified work (working with a RPN) to assist me. For the other staff, this meant that I had it "easy" and for those making the assignment, I always got the heaviest patient assignment. I still had to perform my assessments, give my meds etc. The RPN was there for basic patient care.

    I'm venting...I felt I was treated horribly by all. They finally decided I needed to go to a "lighter" area of work. I was told Friday..and started Monday. I was forced to change hospitals and go to a position I would never have applied for. Did I complain? Yes, did it get anywhere? No. I went to the union who said that Occupational Health was well within their rights to move me, therefore there was not a thing that could be done. I wrote letters, I begged, I applied for every job on the posting board only to be told that if I didn't work with the program, I would be put in a ward clerk position with pay to match!! After a year of wrangling I have been deemed "fit" enough to return to regular duties. But this too came with a price. I had to apply for the position, no help was givin, and I was competing with other nurses for posted positions.

    Is there a happy ending? YES!! The first week of June I return to the ER as a trauma nurse. My one true love. This experience has left me sour, to the point of my considering leaving nursing all together. This job opportunity has saved me!! Emotionally.
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