hello. my name is muffie and i am an allnurses addict. - page 2

brian brian brian, what have you done to me ? i don't go to work anymore i don't shower anymore i don't get out of my jammies anymore i don't read the paper anymore... Read More

  1. by   CRNI-ICU20
    There might be a twelve step program for this.....if not, maybe a rehab in Malibu....
    (move over Brittaney) Ha!
  2. by   blueberrybon
    Well there's a patch, or gum, or po meds, or IM meds, or believe it or not, a cigarette for smoking cessation.

    What would be available for AllNurses cessation? Actually I cannot condone cessation, how 'bout just cutting down? You know the rubber band trick for quitting smoking? You know, just give yourself a stinging SNAP whenever the desire becomes strong! In our case, we could put on our sleeping "eye masks" and whenever we are pulled toward the computer at odd hours of the night, give ourselves a big SNAP on the eye mask!

    What do you think? Maybe I'll give it a try tonight. My luck, I'll give myself the SNAP and wabble in pain across the floor till I fall heavily onto my computer chair, peek out of the mask, and figure; well, since I'm here....