Heaven's Gate

  1. Three docs are standing outside of heaven's gate. St Peter is considering whether to allow entrance to these gentlemen, so he asks, "What did you do in life, that you should be let into heaven?" The first doctor excitedly replies, "Sir, I was a cardiologists and I mended many broken hearts. I think I deserve to be allowed in." St. Peter raises an eyebrow and says, "Yes, come on in." The next doctor, quickly says "Well, I was an obstetrician and I brought many lives into the world. I think I should be let in!" St. Peter, nods, and says "Yes, come on in" Finally the last doc nervously says, "Well, Sir, I started and HMO, and I helped many people get affordable health care. I think I should be allowed in!" With that St. Peter smiles, and says, "Why that is so true, doctor. So, why don't you come on in too--but you can only stay three days!"
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