HCA forgets the curtains are open

  1. when i worked as a hca healthcare assistant in a home, it was my first day on the job and I was told to clean a patient in his room.

    Well being so flummoxed i forgot that you have to close cutains to respect the clients privacy, I stripped him down as he had had several accidents and made him wait on the toilet seat just incase he had another one. I then proceded to run around the room gather clean clothes when he wanderd in bottom half nude. I took him back into the toilet and changed his pads and place his bottoms up. Well as we were walking out the room i realised id left the curtains open and builders outside had seen the whole thing and gave me the thumbs up. OMG i couldve died on the spot of embarressment. I asked another staff member for help and got a rather snotty reply of Im busy get it yourself. We had been told to press a button for help if we needed and no one came. Well i took the client back just so he wasnt left alone and had a little cry LOL i feel silly for crying at such a small thing but when your new and less than perfect its a shock. I look back now and laugh at how red in the face i mustve been.

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  3. by   SaraO'Hara
    I've done the same thing, and each and every time hoped that the DON hadn't walked by in the meantime :uhoh21: