Good ol' Boy

  1. This "Good Ol' Boy" was just a walkin' down the street one day in the big city and saw a sign in a business winder that said "Now Hireing"

    "Hmmmmm" he said right out loud to himself - "I ain't never had no big city job before - I think I'll just walk myself in there and maybe see what it's like"

    So he takes himself right on inside and tells the woman sittin' at the desk that he wanted that there job that they was a talkin' bout in the winder there

    She says to him that it wern't quite that easy - before he could be considered for the "position" he had to take him somethin' called an "Aptitude Test" - Now he didn't know just what "position" he was a gonna have to git himself in for this here big city job, but what tha hell, he figgered he'd give it a try

    So she takes him right on back to this here room where a city feller was already sittin' and tells him to have himself a seat and gave him a piece of paper that had all these questions wrote on it real fancy like and gave him a store bought pencil too

    Then she told em' both that they could start takin' the test and left em' alone

    Well that there city feller started just a writin' like all git out while the "Good Ol' Boy" was still a readin' the first question

    He looked over at the city boy and said "psssssssssst" real low like

    "What"? the city boy said right loud

    "Could you maybe tell me what tha answer to this first question is"?

    "Why you ignorant redneck! - Everyone knows what Old McDonald had - He had himself a farm!"

    "Thankie kindly" was the reply - and the city boy took right on back to writin' like crazy

    Well the "Good Ol' Boy sits there all quite like for a minute or so just lookin' down at his paper and then turns back to the city boy - "Pssssssssssst" he goes real quite like once again

    "What do you want now?" the city boy says all rude like

    "Could you maybe tell me how ya spell farm?"

    "Good God" says the city boy "You must be the stupidest redneck I ever did see - Everyone knows how you spell farm - You spell farm EIEIO"
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