1. After being off for a couple of days, I like to look back to see whats has been going on with my patients. As a supervisor in a LTC facility, I am responsible for 60 residents. I read this in a chart: Patient resting comfortably in the floor. There was no reference to or report of a fall, so this is doubly funny.
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  3. by   klhs
    I have one too.... I also worked in LTC, saw this charted one day -
    "resident became choked, he was in a broken gerichair, so I couldn't get him out. I slapped him on the back a couple of times, then did the hynum hug. Resident then spit food out."..... wouldn't the lawyers who target LTC facilities love to get a hold of that one! BTW, the nurse who charted that didn't work long and the resident is still doing fine!
  4. by   Tweety RN
    Thank God on both counts, biy I hope they never sue or that state survey never picks that chart