DSM IV-A "The 900 Series"

  1. 999.0 - Just "F'ing" Nuts

    999.1 - Knucklehead

    999.2 - Bonehead

    999.3 - Turkey

    999.4 - Pigeon

    999.5 - Nitwit

    999.6 - Nincompoop

    999.7 - Lying Sack of Crap

    999.8 - Ass

    999.9 - Flaming Ass


    999.0 Just "F'ing" Nuts

    Appropriate to use when clinician runs out of room to list all other noted diagnoses. This one tends to sum it up in less space.

    999.1 Knucklehead

    Clients who have run out of brick wall to hit, yet manage to find, as well as erect some anyway.

    999.2 Bonehead

    Use when clients meet criteria for 999.1, and are also rigid.

    999.3 Turkey

    Clients with history of multiple job transfers within the same organization, particularly if they have been "kicked upstairs".

    999.4 Pigeon

    Clients who spend most of their time flying low, flapping their wings, and crapping all over everyone.
    999.5 Nitwit

    Clients who are not talented when it comes to altering documents such as sick leave slips, but attempt to do so anyway.

    999.6 Nincompoop

    Use when clients meet criteria for 999.5, and also attempt to alter or adulterate drug tests.

    999.7 Lying Sack of Crap

    Clients with history of bogus worker's comp, health and welfare, unemployment and /or grievance claims.

    999.8 Ass

    Clients who continually bring to mind one or more of the following: Pompous, arrogant; bombastic; self-important; grandiose; puffed up; or ostentatious.

    999.9 Flaming Ass

    Use when clients have hit the proverbial pearly gates of "ass-ism"; meets criteria for 99.8 as well as most of the other criteria listed in the 900 series.
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