Dr. Emory House

  1. As I was starting an IV on a mentally challenged 20 year old patient I had, I heard that hospital operator announcing
    Dr. Emory House 6BTower repeatedly. (At the hospital that I work at Dr. Emory House is the code for a code.) After the hearing the operator announce Dr. Emory House about 8 times, the patient looked at me and said, "Dr. Emory House must be an old man that can't hear well because they just keep calling him and he hasn't answered yet! After I finally stopped laughing, I explained to her what Dr. Emory House really was.

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  3. by   tbearrn
    We used to use Dr. Emory House at the hospital I used to work at too...one of the ladies who'd been there for quite a while commented to me one night (after several codes that week) "That Dr. House must never leave...I hear him paged at all hours of the night."