Couple more nursing funnies

  1. After a long delay in the hospital's emergency room, a man was finally being transferred to an assigned room. "Since I had to wait so long," he quipped, "I deserve a beautiful nurse." Both women in the emergency room assured him this would indeed be the case, so when a young, attractive male nurse took over, the man remonstrated, "But you promised..." "Well", was the reply, "We think he's beautiful."

    A veteran nurse in the maternity ward decided to retire. She met her replacement, an amiable young man. "What made you decide to come here?" the old pro asked. "First I worked in a dermatologist's office," he said, "and I was always breaking out or itching in strange places. I tried an OR, and I was sure I had ulcers. Then I tried a psychiatric ward, and I thought I was losing my mind. I figure maybe in maternity I can finally relax."
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