Bad joke

  1. At 85 years of age, Morris marries LouAnne, a lovely 25 - year-old.

    Because her new husband is so old, LouAnne decides that on their wedding night, she and Morris are to have separate bedrooms.

    The newlywed is concerned that her new husband may over exert himself if they spend the entire night together.

    After the wedding festivities, LouAnne prepares herself for bed, and waits for the expected "knock" on the door. Sure enough, the knock comes, the door opens, and there is her 85-year-old groom, ready for action. They unite as one. All goes well, where upon Morris takes leave of LouAnne, and she prepares to go to sleep.

    After a few minutes, LouAnne hears another knock on her bedroom door.

    It's Morris! And he's again ready for more action. Somewhat surprised, LouAnne consents to further coupling. When the newlyweds are done, Morris kisses LouAnne, bids her a fond good night, and leaves.

    LouAnne is set to go to sleep again. However, after a few short minutes, there is another knock at her door, and there he is again...Morris, as fresh as a 25-year-old and ready for a bit more action. And again they enjoy one another. As Morris is once again set to leave, the young bride says to him, "I am thoroughly impressed that at your age, honey, you have performed so many times, and so well! I've been with men less than a third your age who were only good once! You're a great lover, Morris!"

    Morris, somewhat embarrassed, turns to LouAnne and says, "You mean I was here already
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  3. by   Cubby
    Oh, if only my husband had such a bad memory!