14 Things the "PMS" stands for...

  1. PMS =

    Pass My Shotgun

    Psychotic Mood Shift

    Perpetual Munching Spree

    Puffy Mid-Section

    People Make me Sick

    Provide Me with Sweets

    Pardon My Sobbing

    Pimples May Surface

    Pass My Sweatpants

    Pissy Mood Syndrome

    Plainly; Men Suck

    Pack My Stuff

    Permanent Menstrual Syndrome

    and my favorite...

    Potential Murder Suspect
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  3. by   kimmicoobug
    Man, all that describes me right now.
  4. by   Sleepyeyes
    shucks, I always thought it was "week before payday blues" == or Pre-Money Syndrome
  5. by   RN always
    When I tell my husband I have PMS he tells me he has MSB. MASSIVE SPERM BUILDUP! What can I say?
  6. by   Gomer
    Putting-up (with) Men's Sh*t
  7. by   emily_mom
    Piss and Moan Syndrome?????
  8. by   J-RN student
  9. by   sharann
    My husbands favorite "Pack My Suitcase" (HIS suitcase)