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Nursing hopeful with really bad past record

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I just got fired from my job for a positive drug test and just made any future attempts in this career unsuccessful (I'm a truck driver). I am a college graduate, Bacheleor in General Studies, but could not get a job with that degree. I always wanted to become a doctor, I did pre-med but my grades were not good enough (3.0 average). My life went downhill, mostly because I was depress in being in such a lame occupation after spending four years in college. Now I want to clean up my act but in the future will this come and haunt me and after I graduate and will I be able to get a job in nursing. I have been accepted to a college around here for nursing- not to the nursing progam yet though. Before I waste my time with the education should I go for it or not?

Your concern before getting a job is getting a license. If you have concerns about anything in your past, you should contact your state Board of Nursing before you invest time and money in school. You'd just hate to get through your preregs, get into a program, sit for the NCLEX and then have the BON deny you.

Good Luck!!!



Are positive tests reported to anyone besides your former employer? Do you face any charges? You definitely need to ask your particular state board what their policy is. We can't give legal advice here, but I have heard of licensed nurses being convicted of something, say posession or DUI, and after completing a diversion program and taking regular tests, they have retained their licenses. You are not without hope, but it varies state to state and may be on a case by case basis within yours. Also realize that many nursing students are required to take a drug test before clinicals and that most hospitals require one to be hired. You need to quit using for good, now.

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