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Hello All! I am a new member. This site is GREAT!! I am a new grad (May 2008). I accepted a position with the department of corrections. Long story short... i hate my job and as a result i have been very unhappy with all aspects of my life. I have been searching for a new job the last few weeks and have recently turned my sights toward area nursing homes. I live in Grandview and have been applying to the surrounding institutions. I dont know anyone who works in a nursing home and was wondering if i could get some feedback. i have heard all the horror stories about nursing home facillities but what love to hear from some RN's who have actually had some experience in them. Does it make a difference in a more high-end facility? I would appreciate any insight.

Thank you all!!!


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Well I am a LPN who has worked in a nursing home for the last 23 yrs (same place :wink2:)... I wouldn't go anywhere else!! I LOVE IT... worked my way up the ladder over the years.. started as a 3-11 floor nurse onto a 3-11 charge nurse then to 7-3 floor nurse and then finally a nurse manager. :w00t:I love my old people they have great insight and can tell you so many stories of the past- it makes you greatful for what we have today. We are a 98 bed facility dually certified medicaid/medicare and it can be stressful getting all your work done at times as a nurse manager but also as a floor nurse- passing meds, treatments, skilled assessments, conversing with doctors and orders and then the families but it is all worth it. But that is my opinion... to others they don't care for the old people ... You'll find your calling it takes time.. Good Luck

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